Better Later Than Never

I have to apologize--I have been terribly neglectful these past few months of my blog. I could blame it on the job (getting busier and more chaotic every day,) or the wedding (being in love takes a lot of time,) but I just need to admit it-- I got lazy. Now, that being said, I am ready to repent. :)

A few updates, work is going well. Really busy and growing everyday. Which, in this economy is something to be grateful for. I feel blessed to be working for a company experiencing significant growth while other companies are struggling. Heavenly Father is watching out for me and has guided me to be in the right spots so that I am taken care of.

Speaking of being taken care of... I could not ask for a better man to take care of me than The Man. Geoff and I are getting married in 12-- yes, 12!-- days. It has been such an adventure these past few months! We became engaged in September and will be married on November 12th. He is the most kind, amazing, funny, sweet, HOT, man-- he is perfect for me! I realized that I loved him-- you know, really loved him, when I found myself aching to see him after he had gone back home to Boise, and then when I did get to see him I felt at peace and like I was home. I love him. I love him. I am his. I like that.

I would love to share with you more of our story, and I plan on doing so, but, let's face it, I need to hold back on the lovey-dovey stuff for while otherwise I am going to lose most of you. :)

So, here's to recommitting to the blog, and committing to the man.
Talk to you all soon.


What's in a Name?

Thanks to my lovely sister, Suede Luv, aka Kim, I finally found a name that captures who I am. Please refer to me from now on as, Princess Big Spenda. Hey, it's better that Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

Your Pimp Name Is...

Princess Big Spenda


Purpose in Life

I found mine through the wonderful world of on line quizzes. Now go and find yours!

You Belong in 1985

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

The Part of You That No One Sees

You are lively, dramatic, and flamboyant.

You have an outrageous personality...

And you secretly resent anyone who makes you tone it down.

Underneath it all, you are driven by your need for attention and acceptance.

You need to feel special at all times.

You are secretly jealous and occasionally insecure.

You Are Fencing

You're competitive but not brutally so. You compete to make yourself better.

You find having an opponent to be challenging and rewarding.

You are fierce when you're in a competition, but you don't wish your rivals any real harm.


Month in Review

Due to some gentle promptings from friends, I am back on the Blog Bandwagon-- at least for today. I dropped the ball in July and only posted twice, so, in my attempt to remedy the situation, I will attempt to stuff all blog-worthy moments from July into a single post. Please, do not try this at home...

1. Men from Quebec like to post porn on their cars.
I was driving home to my parents in rush hour traffic when I caught a glimpse of what I thought were playing cards stuck to the car in the lane next to me. Nope, not playing cards. Well, at least not the kind of playing cards I am used to. Needless to say, nothing like a perv from Quebec to remind me just how imperfect my body is. I called The Man to let him know what I had just been subjected to, and all he did was laugh-- especially when I told him the pal-of-porn was from Quebec. Turns out The Man is from Quebec....

2. Business Trip #1
I traveled to Florida (Fort Meyers) this past month on business. It was a world wind trip. I flew in at midnight on Monday, met with the client on Tuesday, and flew home Wednesday morning. The best part of the whole experience was that I was NOT eaten by an alligator. Oh, and this cute little restaurant called The Bubble Room. You should check it out. It is full of 50's, 60's, 70's memorabilia.

3. Business Trip #2
I was able to spend a few days in Mountain View California-- about an hour south of San Fransisco. The company I work for is headquartered there. It was a good trip. Best part was a little jaunt to the local Trader Joe's down the street from the hotel .

4. Mom Update
Mom has been such a trooper these last few months. She finally wrapped up chemo the end of July. Her counts are at 19-- well below normal. I am so happy for her and can't wait for her to feel like herself again.

5. The Man is back.
Woo hoo! After some very careful and prayerful consideration, The Man and I are seeing where things lead. If you want details let me know. :) Let's just say I am happy.

That's about it. It was a good month. I hope yours was, too.



Sweet, Sweet, Memories

Of my childhood are linked to some classic television shows. I was talking with a dear,(and may I also add HOT), friend last night and he shared with me his love of the Canadian children's show, The Friendly Giant. Check him out here (the Friendly Giant, not my friend):

Friendly Giant

Doesn't that man have the sweetest demeanor. I love the chicken in the bag. Here's another classic:

Yip, Yips

Yip, yip, yip! Good times, good memories!

Can you tell my blogging skills are improving? I am even including links now! If only I knew how to post the actual video...


Comin' to America...

Has to be in my Top Ten Neil Diamonds songs. I mean really, what other song makes one want to jump up and belt-- not sing-- along? And, believe me, hand actions and dancing follow. If you ever want a private showing, let me know. But I digress...

With today being the 4th of July, I can't help but give in to the love and respect I have for America. My dad taught us early on as children that we are very blessed to be Americans. His example of patriotism has had a lasting impression on me. I can't remember a holiday where displaying the flag would be appropriate and it wasn't done at our house. As an adult, I have found that my love and sense of joy to be American have increased. I tend to cry when hearing the National Anthem, get choked up when hearing about the heroic efforts soldiers past and present have displayed, I love pledging my allegiance, and more anything am grateful for the rights and privileges I have because of where I live. It truly is great to be an American!

I hope you all have a great 4th!


Magic Shell (Wednesday's Wisdom on Thursday Part II)

Is the best stuff ever invented. Where else can one tap into a chocolaty shell only to discover more delicious goodness hidden underneath-- namely Cherry Garcia? That's right-- no where. The creators of Magic Shell got it right when they created Magic Shell. While Magic Shell is meant to cover ice cream, I believe that life in general has several versions of Magic Shell of its own that, every once in a while, I have been able to tap into and relish the goodness hidden underneath.

We have all been blessed with a family. I am hoping that yours is a wonderful as mine. Because, I'll tell you what, it only takes a few taps on my family to start enjoying the oozing goodness that comes out. I can't think of a group of people more willing to listen when you need to talk (I have the fondest memories of laying on my parents bed at night talking to my mom and feeling completely safe and loved), or a group of people that make me laugh until I snort (seriously, there is nothing more funny than watching my family watch America's Funniest Home videos), or more fun to go shopping with (sometimes I think I use shopping as an excuse to just spend time with my sisters), or a better neighbor (my dad is wonderful neighbor because he is also your friend.) Luckily, the "magic" in the shell that holds us together is the incredible amount of love and respect we have for each other and for those around us.

Another shell in my life are my friends. I have wonderful friends and they are living wonderful lives. I love it when I am invited tap into their worlds and enjoy the goodness flowing out that comes from marriage announcements (Sharon!), kids (I may not have any of my own, but let me just tell you, my friends kids are the cutest ever. EVER.), their talents, and most importantly, their time. My friends are the most genuine, loving, fun group of people. I could, and hope, that I get to lick the bowl clean with all the goodness that oozes out from their shell. So, okay, not literally lick clean, I mean really, that is gross, and maybe I have taken this metaphor a little further than I should've, but you get my point. My friends are great.

Finally, I am grateful for the magic shell of the Gospel. All of us have tapped into it, at one time or another, and tasted of the perfection that lies underneath. Serving a mission, going through the temple, helping a loved one pass on, have all been experiences where I have been covered in the goodness of the Gospel and the power of the Spirit. I am able to tap into this shell everyday and feel of the love and power that is contained in the Gospel. It truly is sweet.

I hope I never stop tapping into shells-- you never do know what is underneath, but from my experience, I have nothing to loose. Goodness, and love, and happiness always are tucked underneath.

Mmmm, Cherry Garcia is calling my name....